Linus: "Microsoft Hatred Is a Disease"

I am not going to comment too much on Linus Torvald's comments in this Linux Magazine article, because I feel they are very transparent and they »

Running Ubuntu Linux 7.04 On HP NC8430

I have to preface this with I did not write the following it is just a mirror of, but I »

Anything For Sale By Owner

As I alluded in a post a couple of weeks ago, I have been a bad blogger. And I have neglected my community of readers. However »

Why Linux Has Failed on the Desktop

I found this great article about Con Kolivas on Slashdot today: Linux is burdened with 'enterprise crap' that makes it run poorly on desktop PCs, says »

Ubuntu fans, I don't mean to gloat butt...

I don't usually like to post about when one of my predictions come true, butt... Many people told me I was flat out wrong about the »

Is there really a "Microsoft Tax" when support is involved?

You'll see many posts out on the web talking about what a great thing it is that Dell is offering a Free OS on their hardware. »