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Performance Optimizations Made By Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo JavaScript Minimizers

In my first post about JavaScript compression and the different levels supported by the three major competitors in the JavaScript minimization, obfuscation, and optimization tools space. »

Yahoo YUI Compressor vs. Microsoft AJAX Minifier vs. Google Closure Compiler

A little more than a year and half ago I created a MSBuild Task for the YUI Compressor that was very well received, and even highlighted »

Google Chrome, The New Kid On The Block

So when Google announced they had a new browser that was going to break down all the barriers of the internet and the desktop I got »

Ladies Night on Coder Journal

I received a ton of nice comments from Rob, John, Scott, and Phil related to my previous post, What Software Bloggers Do Girls Like Better? Phil »

Which Software Blogger Do Girls Like Better?

Today I received an invite to Google Ad Planner.  As I was playing around with this new tool, I was really blown away by how much »