Google Chrome, The New Kid On The Block

So when Google announced they had a new browser that was going to break down all the barriers of the internet and the desktop I got »

WTF Apple, Show Some Common Courtesy

Common courtesy is very important for all application developers to follow especially when they are dealing with users settings. Especially for common file formats, where the »

Apple Safari Team priorities out of wack

Three interesting things about Apple Safari came out this past week. Apple Safari 3.1 passed the Acid 3 test Apple Safari running on a Mac »

Apple Safari 3.0.1 Released

Steve Jobs must have been kicking ass and taking names. Because only 3 days after the initial release, of Apple's Safari Web Browser for Windows that »

Apple Safari Browser Welcomed To Real World With 6 Zero Day Exploits

Apple has just released a public beta of its Safari browser for Windows yesterday. And there have been already 6 zero day exploits and many, many »