iTunes 8.0 Released

LifeHacker has a first look at iTunes 8.0. As of right now iTunes can be downloaded from Apple, but not through Apple Update yet. Doesn't »

iTunes 7.7 + Windows Vista x64 == OK

iTunes 7.7 has been released! Windows Vista x64 I am happy to announce that iTunes 7.7 and Windows Vista x64 work well together. The »

WTF Apple, Show Some Common Courtesy

Common courtesy is very important for all application developers to follow especially when they are dealing with users settings. Especially for common file formats, where the »

I have been a bad Blogger

Hi loyal readers, I have to apologize, I have been a really bad blogger lately. I have neglected my blog because of a new job and »

DRM-Free Doesn't Equal License Free

Last week Apple released iTunes Plus. Which is a higher quality download with no DRM for $1.29 US. However many people in the blogo-sphere have »

Apple iTunes 7.2 Released

I am happy to announce that Apple iTunes 7.2 has been released and this is the first release since Windows Vista was released 6 months »