iTunes 8.0 Released

LifeHacker has a first look at iTunes 8.0. As of right now iTunes can be downloaded from Apple, but not through Apple Update yet. Doesn't look as revolutionary as many people have been saying but it seems to be a logical update for Apple. I will update in a little bit if it works with Windows Vista x64, but I imagine given iTunes 7.0 that it will.

Everything went find with the iTunes on Windows 64-bit except for the fact that iTunes turned on 1-Click buying for the iTunes store for some reason. If this is not your current setting you probably want to specifically check for this under. Edit - Preference - Store in iTunes. I don't know if this is a plan for Apple to get extra revenue or if the settings just got reset because of the install of iTunes 8, but I have never had this happen before. Luckily for me I was just buying some of their Free HD Episodes.

Nick Berardi

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