Hidden iPhone 5 Upgrade Fees And Bad AT&T Math

This is a break from my normal postings about technology, but I just needed to rant on this a little. Because as a programmer I understand »

Three20 And Custom NIB TableViewCells

I am pretty new to Objective-C development and iOS development in general, but in my effort to fill small gaps on the internet with useful information, »

To Go Native Or Not To Go Native… That Is The Question

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iTunes 8.0 Released

LifeHacker has a first look at iTunes 8.0. As of right now iTunes can be downloaded from Apple, but not through Apple Update yet. Doesn't »

So I received an iPhone last week...

I have to preface what I am about to say with a couple of things: I have a first generation iPhone I do not have AT& »

iTunes 7.7 + Windows Vista x64 == OK

iTunes 7.7 has been released! Windows Vista x64 I am happy to announce that iTunes 7.7 and Windows Vista x64 work well together. The »