To Go Native Or Not To Go Native… That Is The Question

Over the past couple of weeks I  have been slowly planning and revamping my iPhone app to address user concerns, bugs, and problems.  And as part »

jQuery 1.4 Alpha 1 Released

Looks like some great new improvements coming to the 1.4 release.  It doesn’t look like any new methods are being added, but updating many »

Create an attractive loading panel in jQuery

One of the important things about web programming, especially when using AJAX, from a usability standpoint is to provide a responsive user interface to the audience. »

Add Your Twitter Status To Your Blog

For the longest time I have been wanting to add my Twitter status to my blog in place of my quote right under my blogs name »

jQuery and Visual Studio Shipping Together

I have been a huge fan of jQuery ever since I started working on IdeaPipe about 10 months ago. Mostly because of its simplistic DOM access »

How to create a non-Native jQuery event

Today I had the need to create a custom event using jQuery, in order to launch a customized form validation event from a global submit event. »