Performance Optimizations Made By Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo JavaScript Minimizers

In my first post about JavaScript compression and the different levels supported by the three major competitors in the JavaScript minimization, obfuscation, and optimization tools space. »

Yahoo YUI Compressor vs. Microsoft AJAX Minifier vs. Google Closure Compiler

A little more than a year and half ago I created a MSBuild Task for the YUI Compressor that was very well received, and even highlighted »

Create an attractive loading panel in jQuery

One of the important things about web programming, especially when using AJAX, from a usability standpoint is to provide a responsive user interface to the audience. »

Fun With Wacky JavaScript Type Comparison

I recently had a conversation with Scoot Koon (LazyCoder) over Twitter about the wacky JavaScript type comparisons that are allowed.  I was interested to see what »

Recession Proof Your Programming Skills

In this economy you have to do everything to keep your skills fresh and current so that employers find you a desirable hire.  I really though »

Creating a Progressive Queue in IE6 JavaScript

Today IE6 really kicked my butt, I had the following code working in FireFox, IE7, etc, all except IE6: ShowLoadingPanel(); // execute some code here HideLoadingPanel(); The »