How Fluent Cassandra Handles Runtime Types

Today I had the question come up about some wonky behavior with retrieving data from Cassandra for non-string types.  Here is the issue in a »

Your First Fluent Cassandra Application (part 2)

Last time I demonstrated how to create your first Fluent Cassandra app.  After we finished learning about how to create records and save them to the »

Your First Fluent Cassandra Application

As your are probably aware by now if you follow my Twitter status or have looked in to some of my recent posts.  I am »

.gitignore Config File For .NET Projects

I wanted to post this mostly for my future reference.  But I think it is also equally as useful to anybody else with a .NET project »

TimeUUID only makes sense with version 1 UUIDs

In a world where we are all use to dealing with objects we often forget that everything gets reduced to ones and zeros before being transmitted »

Creating a Time UUID (GUID) in .NET

Previously I had written about how to setup Cassandra as a database on your Windows machine.  As I was diving in deeper to learn more about »