Sometimes a nanosecond makes all the difference

In the Cassandra database there is a type known as TimeUUID. Which I have talked about a couple times on my blog and even created a »

FluentCassandra Primer

Getting Started To get started you have to understand the basic terminology of the Cassandra database. Unlike relational databases (i.e. SQL Server, MySQL, etc) Cassandra »

Run Cassandra As A Windows Service

One of the main issues that comes up over and over again for Cassandra is: How do I run Cassandra as a Windows Service? In this »

Your First Fluent Cassandra Application (part 2)

Last time I demonstrated how to create your first Fluent Cassandra app.  After we finished learning about how to create records and save them to the »

Your First Fluent Cassandra Application

As your are probably aware by now if you follow my Twitter status or have looked in to some of my recent posts.  I am »

That No SQL Thing: Column (Family) Databases

Just wanted to mention a very well written post that explains Column Family Databases, like that of Cassandra, in the most straight forward way that I »