jQuery 1.4 Alpha 1 Released

Looks like some great new improvements coming to the 1.4 release.  It doesn’t look like any new methods are being added, but updating many of the new ones released with 1.3.

There are a few areas in jQuery that have seen extensive changes since 1.3.2 was released:
  • live was drastically overhauled and now supports submit, change, mouseenter, mouseleave, focus, and blur events in all browsers. Also now supports context and data.
  • append, prepend, etc. have been heavily optimized.
  • add has been adjusted to always return elements in document order.
  • find, empty, remove, addClass, removeClass, hasClass, attr, and css have been heavily optimized.
Full details concerning the release are forthcoming - for now we just need your help in catch regressions. Some more details can be found in John Resig’s keynote at the 2009 jQuery Conference.

Grab the code:

NOTE: If you’re using jQuery 1.4a1 and you run into an error please make sure that you’re using the regular version of the code, it’ll make it easier to spot where the error is occurring.

Nick Berardi

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