Windows 7 SKU's (Not As Bad As It Seems)

Many different sources are announcing that Windows 7 will have 6 different SKU's available, and many are touting the end of Windows, because they are making »

Tweaking Vista Services

Recently I have been trying to squeak more speed out of my laptop by shutting down unnecessary services that seem to come with most every software »

I am ditching Vista for Windows Mojave

I just can't take Windows Vista anymore so I am ditching it for Windows Mojave.  I have heard great things about it and anything must be »

I have been a bad Blogger

Hi loyal readers, I have to apologize, I have been a really bad blogger lately. I have neglected my blog because of a new job and »

Vista Performance and Reliability Pack Unofficial Release

Please note: These fixes break all current methods of bypassing driver singing requirements except the good old F8 during boot (that you have to do every »

How To: Disable Driver Integrity Checks on Windows Vista x64

One of the new features of Windows Vista was the Driver integrity Checks. In the x64 version of the product it is turned on by default, »