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I received a ton of nice comments from Rob, John, Scott, and Phil related to my previous post, What Software Bloggers Do Girls Like Better? Phil even did a nice follow up post, with some good humor gloating, until the end where his wife let the air out of his sails; like only a wife can do.

The day I posted the article, Scott instant messaged me to say good job on the article. During the conversation he mentioned that I should compare the stats to as a base point for the other statistics. So naturally I thought this would be a good follow up article.

Usually to gauge the effectiveness of a relative score, like the percent of girls that visit your site, you need at least two points that fall on opposite ends of each other. These two points need to be based on similar vectors, in this case women, but are based on an outside source. Obviously Oprah is huge with women, so is a natural choice for the high end, but I had trouble thinking of a super-nerdy site that would be suitable for the low end, but have enough traffic to give a good basis point. I finally settled on World Of Warcraft,, as my low end. Mostly because every time I think of WoW, I think of this South Park episode:

The results of this, non scientific, study was very disturbing. Mostly because about 3 out of 25 people who visit WoW on the internet is a female, which blows me away because I was expecting something like 1/50.

This means means the World of War craft beat out Jeff, Joel, and Scott, and Phil is slightly above the WoW site at about a 5% lead.

The numbers for Oprah was about what I expected, and probably align very closely to her TV numbers with about 85% of her viewers being female.

If anybody has a better website, than World of Warcraft, for me to compare these guys against please let me know.

Nick Berardi

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