Anything For Sale By Owner

As I alluded in a post a couple of weeks ago, I have been a bad blogger. And I have neglected my community of readers. However »

Why Linux Has Failed on the Desktop

I found this great article about Con Kolivas on Slashdot today: Linux is burdened with 'enterprise crap' that makes it run poorly on desktop PCs, says »

My Job Interview 2.0 Experience

Recently I read a post by Alex over at The Daily WTF... err... I mean Worse Than Failure. The article explained many of the tactics that »

Send Google Maps to your BMW

Google Maps Germany has a new feature: if you have a BMW car that includes a navigation system and you happen to live in Germany, it's »

Remove Updater5 from My Documents Folder

Well I finally figured out how to remove the Updater5 folder from your My Documents folder. I have written about this problem, as well as many »

Rant: Passwords and public sites.

I have recently run in to a couple websites which have a very annoying "feature". Basically they have taken an internal policy applying to passwords and »