Less Rules Imposed The Better

Recently I read an article from Jeff Atwood, where he basically claimed the brevity leads to better code. Personally I think his example he gave: if »

Understanding C#: ?? Operator

The ?? operator returns the left-hand operand if it is not null, or else it returns the right operand. int? i = null; int count = i ?? 0; The »

How To: Unit Test Hidden Classes

Unit testing is an important part of developing high quality software. Many of you are probably not familiar with the term Unit Testing. Wikipedia defines Unit »

Visual Studio 2005 Update for Windows Vista

I was reading Tim Sneath's blog today and noticed his post on the release of a Visual Studio 2005 Update for Windows Vista was released. It »

Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals Error Connecting in Vista

As you may all know I have Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and last post I talked about upgrading to SQL Server 2005 SP2. However while starting »

Understand C#: Proper use IDisposable and using keyword

The System.IDisposable interface is a very useful interface to understand if you are concerned about performance in your application. Microsoft says the following about the »