TF30042: The database is full. Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.

Today I received the following error while trying to check in some code after a marathon night of coding: TF30042: The database is full. Contact your »

Deadlocked!: "read committed snapshot" Explained

I just recently read Jeff Atwood's Deadlocked! article. I just wanted to give some more insight in to the read committed snapshot so that it is »

MySQL Officially Declared Microsoft SQL Server Compeditor

I have been a huge fan of MySQL for a long time.  It is the perfect database for when the budget is tight or you are »

How To: Change Instance Name Of SQL Server

Recently I change the network name of one of my servers at work, because the box changed its job from a virtual machine server to the »

SQL Server 2008 Will Have 7 New Datatypes

I haven't even herd of a new version of SQL Server 2008, coming out, but according to this blog the new version has some very interesting »

Using Distributed Transactions in your Data Layer

Many developers use a pattern called ORM or Object Relation Mapping to generate data layers for their application. Many other developers choose to create their own »