Azure Mobile Service Jobs

As I was getting ready to roll out Executify, I like many of you read Scott Gu's announcement of Azure Mobile Services providing scheduled jobs, and »

Welcome To Executify

I have a common problem that many developers have. I have small programs or processes that I want executed on a semi-regular basis, but having a »

Hidden iPhone 5 Upgrade Fees And Bad AT&T Math

This is a break from my normal postings about technology, but I just needed to rant on this a little. Because as a programmer I understand »

Using Source Code Pro Font With Visual Studio

You may or may not be aware but Adobe released a new font a couple of days ago. Who cares right, you are not a graphics »

Sometimes a nanosecond makes all the difference

In the Cassandra database there is a type known as TimeUUID. Which I have talked about a couple times on my blog and even created a »

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Data.Services, Version="

Recently while working on an OData endpoint for a web service I am setting up I came across this error. I did a quick search on »