Apple: None Of Our Products Is Windows Vista Compatible

It seems like the multi-billion dollar children are at it again. The bitter rivalry between these two companies ceases to amaze me. Apparently none of Apples products are ready for Windows Vista according to a Yahoo News article.

According to a document that Apple has posted on its Web site, none of the software that it's made available for the Windows environment has been updated for Vista compatibility. That includes not only iTunes but QuickTime, Airport For Windows, Bonjour For Windows, iDisk utility, and AppleWorks for Windows. All of those applications or utilities are listed by Apple as compatible with Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows, but not Vista.

It would seem that Apple is either very lazy or has alternate motives for not supporting Windows Vista. While I believe it was the latter, to try and push the consumers buying new computers at this time of year over to an Apple so that the buyers can still use their beloved iPod. Apple can give a bunch of BS about how they haven't had time to update the software because Windows Vista was just released, but that is just another false truth. Windows Vista was first released to developers and corporations as a final and stable operating system back in the later part of November. In addition it had a stable API for months before that. So Apple has had a good 6 months to actually work on getting their products ready for Windows Vista.

Credit should be given to for tipping me off to this article.

Nick Berardi

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