Apple iTunes: Changing the error message doesn't fix the problem

Well it's been a whole 8 days since the last Apple iTunes release 7.1 where Apple wanted us Windows Vista users to be unsecured so they could install the iTunes software. Now the latest version of Apple iTunes has been release, version 7.1.1, and it has the exact same problem except now they changed the error message.

--------------------------- iTunes + QuickTime --------------------------- iTunes could not be installed because Visual Basic Script (VBScript) is not installed or has been disabled. Make sure VBScript is installed, turn off script blocking in anti-virus and personal firewall software, re-register VBScript, and then install iTunes. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------


--------------------------- iTunes + QuickTime --------------------------- The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2738. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

Unfortunately for Apple changing the error message doesn't mean you have fixed your past problem. If you check out Apple Support #304405, you see that Apple outlines the same steps I have provided in my previous post. So it is mostly definitely the same issue.

Note To Steve Jobs: Get off your butts and hire some Windows Developers, or fire the current Windows Developers because they aren't worth their weight in beans. I really don't understand how they have usability engineers and designers working on the un-packaging process of the Apple products in order to maximize the quality that goes in to every hardware device. How about having some of that rub off on your un-packaging of software?

Nick Berardi

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