What I Learned About MVC On Day One

I am really blown back about how fast and easy MVC is to develop with.  I know the guys at Microsoft do a good job with their .NET coding, but I am really impressed by the forethought they put in to MVC.  It builds on top of the standard ASP.NET package, but does it in such a way that makes it lean on top of the already feature-rich (read bloated) ASP.NET Page object.  It really doesn't feel like I have all that baggage anymore.

These are the following links that got me started designing my very first MVC application.

Keep a watch on my blog about for my posts about Unit Testing MVC and using Validators in the Routing table.  Also I am currently exploring if it is possible for my URL Rewriter and Reverse Proxy to be used in combination with the MVC Routing table.  I will keep you informed.

Nick Berardi

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