Google Ads Allowing Flash To Take Over Browser

So today I saw this Google Flash Ad, for John McCain for President, appear on a site that I am developing. I thought I would let everybody know to watch out for Google Flash Ad's that have access to modify your browser. This isn't a big deal, in my case, but Flash has the ability to also modify, other things such as:

  • Browser's Footer
  • Browser's URL
  • Back Button
  • Forward Button
  • etc.

Basically Flash is allowed to have more access because it actually runs as an application on top of the browser instead of through the browser. It is just disturbing that Google doesn't police the advertisements better. It is conceivable that Google could potentially be providing malware via their ad network.

Nick Berardi

In charge of Cloud Drive Desktop at @Amazon, Entrepreneur, Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, co-founder and CTO of @CaddioApp, Father, and @SeriouslyOpen host