What are your Visual Studio tips?

As I announced yesterday I will be speaking at the Philly Code Camp 2009.1 on Visual Studio 2008 for beginners.  As part of this presentation I want to be able to provide the 10 most valuable tips for beginners using Visual Studio.

I did a quick search of the internet last night, on this subject, and everything seemed to point to Sara Ford as the defacto standard on Visual Studio tips.  She even has a best selling book on the subject, appropriately called Microsoft Visual Studio Tips.


And because she is such an awesome person all the royalties from the book are going to a scholarship fund to help pay for the the costs of sending Hurricane Katrina survivors to college. So if you are interested go pick up a copy.

The problem is that she has 251 tips in the book, and 382 tips on her website and I need to widdle this down to the top 10.

Here are my top 3, so far:

  1. Did you know… You can create toolbar buttons to quickly toggle your favorite VS Settings? – #372
  2. Did you know... how not to accidentally copy a blank line? - #050
  3. Did you know… How to optimize Visual Studio for multi-monitors? - #381

What are yours? If you have a favorite please include it in the comments below with a link (if possible).

Nick Berardi

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