Update from Adobe

Recently I posted about the bad user experience that the Adobe Update Manager provided. On the same day that I posted that entry I also sent a note to Adobe about my disappointment in their product. I am happy to say I received a positive response from Adobe, and with the e-mail below, my respect for their QA team has gone up a couple notches. I say this because it takes a level of humility that is required in software development to admit you are wrong, something that not many companies have anymore.

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 16:33:58 -0500 Subject: Bug Report Form Nick Thank you for taking the time to let us know your concern. You are right. I'm not sure why we are placing this folder in the my documents folder. However it isn't a mistake, the program intends for it to be there but as I mentioned you are right - it is a strange place for that folder structure. A bug has been filed against the situation. Hopefully it will be corrected with future releases. Jason ----- Adobe Acrobat Quality Engineering

So I hope Adobe will follow through on their promise to look in to this and hopefully have it fixed on the next release.

Nick Berardi

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