Speeding up a Slow Outlook 2007

Just found a recent post by Scott Hanselman on how to speed up the slow load times of Outlook 2007, and I thougt it was worth passing on to my readers.

Outlook 2007 has been pretty slow for me since I installed it. If you've got RSS Feeds Enabled and/or if you're a packrat, Outlook 2007 can be a downright performance pig. I've got internal contacts that say that the Office team is hot on the tail of a number of really interesting issues. What can you do today? A patch KB933493 went live yesterday to help speed up access to large PSTs and OSTs. For now, you have to go get it. We'll see what the future holds for this, but I suspect that Office SP1, whenever it comes out, is going to be a very snappy performer. Initial reports on this patch are positive. Searches are faster, Undos are faster, moving messages is faster, and moving quickly while reading in the preview pane is faster. The future bright on this one...I was really starting to get bummed about Outlook's performance.

Nick Berardi

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