Philly Code Camp 2010.2 – ASP.NET Track

This year for the ASP.NET Track, at Philly Code Camp 2010.2, there is going to be a heavy focus on getting started with some of the new[er] web technologies, with a couple caveats.  In the past we have had a great mix of intro classes and advanced classes, but it really left little room in between for people professionally past the introductory sessions but not really ready to dive in to the advanced sections yet.  And almost a rule of thumb for obvious reasons, the intro classes are very well attended, while the advanced topics are rather esoteric and not well attended compared to the intro topics.  So this challenged me to think about the sessions we have had in the past and set goals for the ASP.NET track, and this time around:

My number one goal is to have every session packed full!

To accomplish this goal, this year I am going to put out a game plan that will focus on the intro and middle crowds.  I am going to lay out the game plan for the topics I want to see this Code Camp, and from those topics is what I am going to base the ASP.NET track's speaking sessions on.  I am making this public so that everybody knows what I will be looking for and there is no confusion.  There is always flexibility in any game plan, but the general rule of thumb I am going to abide by is the following:

  • No ASP.NET Web Forms, the technology just isn’t interesting anymore
  • Nothing too focused, such as ASP.NET w/ X combined with Y technologies
  • Hoping for a Non-Microsoft technologies session this year, as we had last year with Sara J Chipps, I am hoping for a Ruby On Rails person this time around
  • Hoping for a entrepreneurship talk, about how to get your business rolling on the web
  • Couple intro topics
  • Couple mid-level topics
  • And at least one what's new topic
  • Please no WebMatrix talks

Topics I will be looking for to satisfy the game plan:

  1. Intro to MVC
  2. Intro to jQuery
  3. Intro to HTTP (seems weird but most web developers don’t understand HTTP or the difference between GET and POST)
  4. Intro to Ruby On Rails
  5. Transitioning from WebForms to MVC
  6. What’s New In MVC 3 (w/ a Razor Overview)
  7. Techniques to create a functional Web 2.0 site
  8. The programmable web and how that fits in to your websites.  (Think effective use of REST)
  9. Entrepreneurship and the web

So if you think you have an interesting talk, that falls in one of the above 9 topics or maybe one that I missed, and can make it to Code Camp this time around.  Please feel free to submit the topic to the Code Camp siteI am always looking for new speakers to intro to the community, so don’t be afraid to submit the talk.

Nick Berardi

In charge of Cloud Drive Desktop at @Amazon, Entrepreneur, Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, co-founder and CTO of @CaddioApp, Father, and @SeriouslyOpen host