I am going to be speaking at Philly Code Camp 2009.2

For the second 2009 Philly Code Camp, it will be held at the DeVry University campus in Fort Washington, PA on Saturday, October 17 from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. If you haven't signed up please register on the Philly.NET web site.  Detailed directions are on the DeVry web site.  Check here and here for the latest printable agenda, there will be:

  • Lots of code, just say no to slides!
  • 8 hours of presentations
  • 60 sessions (8:30, 10:00, 12:30, 2:00, 3:30)
  • 12 tracks including two hands-on Beginner rooms and the Bonus Track
  • 600 seats with tables (laptops welcome)
  • Free breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack (expanded menu!)
  • Raffles and prizes at 5:00
  • Convenient parking
  • After hours party in Ambler (network with speakers and attendees)

All of this is made possible by the Gold partners (Component One, Hosting.com, TEK Systems), Silver partners (Pearson, Redgate, Telerik) and the Platinum site sponsors (DeVry University, Microsoft).

My First Presentation at 10:00

I have been asked back to do my presentation from April again in the newly expanded Beginner I track at 10:00 AM.  The abstract for this talk is as follows:

This session explores the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment and how it is used to develop Web and Windows applications.  The topics include:
  • The IDE
  • Solutions and projects
  • Templates
  • Files created
  • The debugger
  • The configuration file

If you are going to be attending this talk please bring Visual C# 2008 Express with you, that is going to be the main tool I will be using to demonstrate the features of Visual Studio.

My Second Presentation at 3:30 PM

I will also be doing a new presentation on extending Visual Stuido 2010 in the Tools track at 3:30 PM.  The abstract for this is as follows:

I will be showing the basics of how to get started on extending Visual Studio 2010 for custom highlighting and intellisense support for custom Domain Specific Languages that may be used with in a company for configuration or custom processing. I will be using a real world example, of how I am extending visual studio to support the coding of the Apache mod_rewrite style configuration files that are used in my URL Rewriter that was featured in PDC 2008 last year. http://urlrewriter.codeplex.com

If you are going to be attending this talk please bring Visual Studio 2010 with you and the Visual Studio SDK already installed.

On the day of the presentation I will be posting up the slides and any links that are relevant to my presentation on this blog.

Nick Berardi

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