Managed Fusion URL Rewriter Was Featured at PDC 2008

The Managed Fusion URL Rewriter, that I work on and that runs this blog, was featured in PDC 2008 by CJ Saretto (Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Home Server). He used it as a reverse proxy to demonstrate streaming video and music from Windows Home Server to the internet from a simulated internal home network.

I have cut down the actual video presentation to the segment that mentioned the Managed Fusion URL Rewriter. If you want to skip to the good parts in this segmented video, I recommend:

  • 2:20 - Managed Fusion URL Rewriter is first mentioned
  • 7:00 - An impressive video demonstration streaming through the rewriter

Clips comes from about 18:00 minutes in to

If you are actually wondering why I am bringing this up now, and not 6 months ago when PDC 2008 was going on... Well it is because I just found out about it at the end of last month, 5 months after the fact. And to be totally honest the video presentation blew me away, because that is some serious bandwidth to show a video of that high of a quality. Especially because the ProxyHandler.cs code was suppose to handle at most small images and HTML being served from a remote server.

Nick Berardi

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