Managed Fusion URL Rewriter & Reverse Proxy - Release 3.0

I am happy to announce the 3.0 release of the Managed Fusion URL Rewriter & Reverse Proxy. Since my previous release in February I have been working hard on a significant rewrite of the core, that to be honest really needed refactoring if I hoped to extend the rewriter is some interesting ways in the future.

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Release Notes

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Version 3.0

  • Breaking Change Configuration in the web.config has been reorganized.
  • Major rewrite to the URL Rewriter to provide better performance and more reliable logging.
  • Major update to the proxy handler, it is much faster, and provides an exact duplication of headers from the proxied server.
  • Fixed many issues with the chunked encoding, so you are now able to proxy web based services, such as SVN.
  • Full rewrite of the rule, condition, and flag handling system to provide better performance and more flexibility for developers.
  • More extensibility points have been created for developers interested in creating their own handlers for rules, conditions, and flags.
  • More extensive testing of internal mechanics of the rewriter.
  • Added thread safety to the Apache rule set refresh.
  • Added initial support for Microsoft UrlRewriter IIS 7 module, this will provided a starting point for extension of the Microsoft configuration to support proxying and other more advanced Apache features.

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