Fumbled Fumbles on the Microsoft Excel "Save As" Issue

I read a Digg post today, that some how made it to the front page, that just made me laugh. The author of the post was obviously very ignorant in his approach and lazy on research that went in to his blog post.

See if anybody can find the Big Save As Button on the picture below.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Save As

As one commenter on this article put it:

floppyllamadigg: We've met the one user on the planet that can't function without Clippy.

I tend to agree with floppyllamadigg in that any user that cannot find the huge circle button with the Windows Logo in it or isn't at least curious enough to click that huge target probably should stick with Notepad or the more advanced WordPad.

Update: (17:30 EST) And the lemmings follow along.

Update: (2007-4-21) And the good times keep rolling over at Fumbled.org. The new post on Fumbled.org seems to be more of a backhanded apology. However as I have said before when you make a mistake, fess up, there is nothing more refreshing in this days world than that. So kudos to R Lee Creasy, who I featured above in the lemmings update.

Nick Berardi

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