EMC (VMware Parent) Buys Mozy Online Backup

As many of you many remember I have highly recommended Mozy in the past. I just got notice from Jeff of Windows Connected that EMC has recently just acquired Mozy. I am a big fan of both VMware and Mozy and it is nice to see my world getting smaller.

As some of you know I recently made a career move to EMC - specifically EMC Global Services, Microsoft Practice. Every once in a while I'll get an EMC press release in my Inbox about a company we've acquired, or some other important 'public-facing' news. Note: Don't worry - I won't bore you with every EMC press release. After all, this is my personal blog ;) Anyway...this morning I got a press release about EMC's acquisition of Berkeley Data Systems, the provider of Mozy Online Backup and Recovery. Although I haven't used Mozy myself (yet) it looks like pretty good stuff. And according to this guy's review, it even works on Vista x64 (something I appreciate more since my move to 64-bit). If you're like me and have family/friends who occasionally ping you to rescue their lost data, you might want to point them to MozyHome. Heck, there's even a free version that supports up to 2GB of data. Drop me a comment if you've used the service or know someone who has. I'll try it out on one of my pro-bono clients and report back in a future post. Cheers!

By the way I recently purchased Mozy Pro a couple of months ago to back up my personal TFS (team foundation) server, and it works great. I will be providing a write up on both of these in the near future. Mozy Pro and how to back up TFS with Mozy Pro.

Nick Berardi

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