Creating a Wireless Access Point using DD-WRT - Refresh

I found a setup that I like even better than my previous one.  I have highlighted the main differences, in red, below.

To set it up as repeater do the following:

  • Do a 30 second reset

Under wireless->basic settings:

  • Wireless mode: AP
  • Wireless Network Name (SSID): Your prefer SSID
  • Wireless Channel: Your prefer channel ( Use channel with less interference from other access point)
  • Save Settings

Under Wireless > Wireless Security

  • Set your wireless authentication

Under Setup->Basic Setup:

  • Under WAN Connection Type:
    • Connection Type : Disabled
    • STP : Disable

  • Under Router IP:

    • Local IP address :Set your IP your address to a same subnet of your main router (if your main router IP is, set it to same subnet like
    • Subnet Mask : same as your main router subnet
    • Gateaway : Your main router IP
    • DNS : Your main router IP

  • Under Network address Server Setting (DHCP)

    • DHCP Type : DHCP Forwarder
    • DHCP Server : Your main router IP
    • Time settings : disable

  • Save Settings

Under Security Tab

  • Un-check all items in the "Block WAN Request" section
  • Then disable the SPI firewall
  • Save Settings

Under Administration Tab

  • Enter all other necessary information, remember to change your password
  • Click the Save button
  • Then click Reboot button

Nick Berardi

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