I Have Officially Seen Everything Now

Well I have officially seen everything now, it should be a sad point in my life, but I was cracking up during this whole rap video. This video is of a computer science rapper, which sort of out does the web standards rapper that I posted last week. What is even more amazing is that he uses the famous, computer science book, The Mythical Man Month in his rap. So I definitely think he is an actual computer science student at Stanford where this video was shot. Enjoy!

Update: Here are the Lyrics for Kill Dash Nine. This is my favorite quote:

You're the tertiary storage; I'm the L1 cache. I'm a web crawling spider; you [sic] an Internet mosquito; You thought the 7-layer model referred to a burrito. You're a dialup connection; I'm a gigabit LAN. I last a mythical man-month; you a one-minute man.

Nick Berardi

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