Code Camp 2009.1 - Gooey GUI... Programming in Visual Studio

Here is my presentation from Code Camp 2009.1:

You can download the software seen in this presentation at:

And Sara Ford's best selling book on the subject, appropriately called Microsoft Visual Studio Tips.


And because she is such an awesome person all the royalties from the book are going to a scholarship fund to help pay for the the costs of sending Hurricane Katrina survivors to college. So if you are interested go pick up a copy.

Top 3 of my favorite tips from Sara Ford:

  1. Did you know… You can create toolbar buttons to quickly toggle your favorite VS Settings? – #372
  2. Did you know... how not to accidentally copy a blank line? - #050
  3. Did you know… How to optimize Visual Studio for multi-monitors? - #381

Nick Berardi

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