Caddio Sport Techie Writeup

Caddio Login Screen Many of you probably don't know this, but I have been working on a golf related app called Caddio, off and on for more than a year. The app is finally to a point where it is starting to pay off, because it is starting to receive the recognition and accolaids that every developer hopes for.

The latest article about Caddio is a writeup from SportTechie, and my favorite quote from the and music to my ears is this paragraph I pulled from the article:

Though just developed, the Caddio app has revolutionized the golf game for aspiring and novice golfers. By allowing golfers to take on each course with the power of crowdsourced knowledge a valuable digital community has been created that will continue to gain accuracy and legitimacy as more golfers contribute to the platform.

If you are a golfer or just an enthusiest, and want to check Caddio out, you can download the app by visiting the Apple App Store. If you are an Android user, be on the look out for the app this summer in the Google Play and Amazon App stores.

If interested here are a couple more screenshots:

Caddio Tip Screen Caddio Course Screen Caddio User Profile Screen

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