Strong Naming: One Year Later

It is almost 1 year to the date of when I first posted JSON.NET Strong Naming And NuGet Woes and the NuGet compatibility issues have »

Free 5 Hours From Executify

Executify is offering 5 hours of complimentary compute time in honor of the MVP 2013 Summit for running CRON jobs in the cloud. In honor of »

Being Stolen From Sucks

When you put open source software out there in the wild there is a mutual understanding that, you are going to see my source code, and »

Azure Tip: How are Web Sites priced?

One of the questions that comes up often related to Azure Websites is: How are Web Sites priced? To understand how they are priced you have »

Azure Tip: My Management Certificate Is Public What Do I Do?

Yesterday @writeameer posted on twitter a search query, using the new GitHub Code Search, showing that there are a whole lot of users on GitHub that »

Executify's Vision

As I explained about a month ago when I introduced Executify, I have launched a new website that works a lot like Azure Mobile Service Jobs »