Determining A Significant Change In A Web Page

The problem with many web pages today is that they include useless hidden pieces of constantly changing information that serves no purpose to the general web »

ASP.NET MVC – 0 to 30 in 30 minutes

I recorded the following presentation for DevReady.NET, a new project that I am working on with a bunch of talented MVC’s and Microsoft employees. »

Sometimes you just need to CodingHorror it!

The title of this post is a tongue-in-cheek reference to SubSonic’s inline query by the same name, which in turn is a reference to the »

Static Constructors in .NET 3.5, still a bad thing?

Recently at the Philly.NET User Group, Kathleen Dollard gave a great presentation on the use of generics and rethinking object orientation.  Both topics were very »

Creating Your First MVC ViewEngine

A question that I have been hearing a lot lately is: How do I change the view location in MVC? But what they really mean to »

Recession Proof Your Programming Skills

In this economy you have to do everything to keep your skills fresh and current so that employers find you a desirable hire.  I really though »