Apple Developers Continue To Not Impress

Apple "Windows Developers" continue to not impress me.  Check out the latest in "I decided to release something too early"-product from Steve Jobs and Apple. »

WTF Apple, Show Some Common Courtesy

Common courtesy is very important for all application developers to follow especially when they are dealing with users settings. Especially for common file formats, where the »

Apple Doesn't Get My Money For An iPhone Today

Today Apple had their big iPhone SDK press release. They opened up the phone and added a bunch of Enterprise features that many small to large »

Lotus Notes, AOL for the Corporate World

So today I was reading Jeff's Post on The Dramatic Password Reveal, and I had a flash back, to about a year or more ago, when »

I have been a bad Blogger

Hi loyal readers, I have to apologize, I have been a really bad blogger lately. I have neglected my blog because of a new job and »

History: Apple Had The First Virus, 25 Years Ago

Just saw this article over at The Register about the virus turning 25. Elk Cloner, which spread between Apple II computers via infected floppy disks, has »